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Navigator (HS)

Navigator is a text with more mature content including information on the increased risks for sexual activity that come with the usage of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs as well as a section detailing the particular dangers involved in internet pornography and sex-themed internet chat. Since teens are being barraged with sexualized images and messages, we have found it necessary to include these issues to inform teens and encourage them to choose abstinence as the healthiest choice.

Rather than focus solely on the negative factors involved in sexual activity, we have sought to accentuate the positive benefits to be gained through sexual abstinence. Students understand that the self-control that enables them to remain abstinent is the same self-control that is necessary to accomplish their academic and professional goals. In short, self-control is a critical factor in seeking to live a healthy and balanced life.

Two-Day Presentation Outline:


Objectives: To teach students the importance of planning for their future and to introduce the concept of sexual abstinence.

Navigation Tools:

  • Encourage students to consider their life purpose.
  • Help students to think specifically about their future goals regarding education, career, family and community involvement.
  • Encourage students to consider the benefits of sexual abstinence in accomplishing their future goals and dreams.


Teaching Methods: class involvement and discussion


Objectives: To help students evaluate media messages, primarily in the area of sexual imagery, and to understand the benefits of limiting their exposure to media influence.

Navigation Tools:

  • Help students clearly see how the media uses sexual imagery to attract viewers.
  • Teach students about the particular dangers of pornography and unwise internet use.
  • Explain some of the practical benefits of breaking free from media influence.


Teaching Methods: story telling, object lessons, and discussion


Objectives: To help students understand for themselves the specific benefits of choosing sexual abstinence.

Navigation Tools:

  • Give a clear definition of sexual abstinence.
  • Show students how decision regarding sexual activity may significantly affect their future direction in life. (Teen Pregnancy will be highlighted.)
  • Explain that any student can choose abstinence regardless of previous sexual activity.


Teaching Methods: story telling, object lessons, class game,  video clip, and discussion


Objectives: To teach students that choosing sexual activity will put them at risk for many different sexually transmitted diseases.

Navigation Tools:

  • Give students facts and information about sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Help students understand that saving sex is the only sure way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Analyze data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing that contraceptive products do not eliminate the risk of contracting an STD.


Teaching Methods: story telling, object lessons, video clip and discussion



Objectives: To assist students in understanding the risks involved in the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and the benefits of abstaining from all risky behaviors.

Navigation Tools:

  • Help students understand the connection between alcohol and drug use and sexual activity.
  • Educate students on the categories of drugs and their effects on the body.
  • Facilitate an understanding of why some individuals use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and why others choose not to.


Teaching Methods: story telling, object lessons, class activity, and discussion


Objectives: To define character and explain how students can develop character through their daily actions and attitudes toward others.

Navigation Tools:

  • Emphasize the importance of character.
  • Assist students in evaluating and finding ways to further develop their character.
  • Teach and practice steps to positive decision making.


Teaching Methods: story telling, object lessons, class activity, video clip, and discussion



Objectives: To help students understand the positive aspects of relationships and guide them in making wise dating relationships.

Navigation tools:

  • Assist students in defining and understanding the purpose of dating.
  • Guide students through a discussion of the stages of dating relationships.
  • Help students understand the importance of setting limits on physical activity to assist them in being successful at abstinence.


Teaching methods: story telling,  class activity, and discussion

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