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HIV Mythbusters

HIV Mythbusters provides information to assist in the reduction of HIV transmission and the medical consequences of HIV/AIDS by assuring students receive medically and scientifically accurate facts.

HIV Mythbusters assemblies mix scientific findings, medical research, the cold, hard truth, creative media, and a distinguished sense of humor to create a signature style of age-appropriate teaching.

All assemblies are 45 minutes in length and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your students or group.

Assembly Outline:

HIV/AIDS Overview

Teaching method: video clip


Top Ten Myths about HIV/AIDS exposed

  • One--I can get HIV by being around people who are HIV positive
  • Two--I don't need to worry about becoming HIV positive--new drugs will keep me well
  • Three--I can get HIV from mosquitoes
  • Four--I'm HIV positive--my life is over
  • Five--I can't have more than one sexually transmitted disease (STD) at a time
  • Six--I'm straight and don't use IV drugs--I won't become HIV positive
  • Seven--If I'm receiving treatment, I can't spread HIV
  • Eight--We both are HIV positive--there's no reason for us to practice safer sex
  • Nine--I can't get HIV--I'm on the pill
  • Ten--You can't get HIV from oral sex

Teaching methods: story telling, object lessons, discussion, and video clips.