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Game Plan (6th)

Game Plan is a highly effective tool for helping teens make wise, responsible decisions for their future by choosing abstinence. Students are taught that their choices today can have significant implications for their future, particularly on whether and to what extent they will accomplish their goals and dreams in life. After decades of promoting birth control among teens, America now has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the industrialized world. Clearly a better message is needed. While abstinence is the safest, healthiest choice for teens and the only sure way to prevent physical risks such as pregnancy and STDs, Game Plan is additionally concerned for the emotional, mental, and social health of the student.

Outline of Two Day Presentation

I Got Game!

Objective: To help students think about how the choices they make will affect their future, positively and negatively, and to assist students in considering their goals for the future.

Key plays:

  • Introduce A.C. Green as a role model.
  • Help students brainstorm future goals and dreams.
  • Introduce and define abstinence as a positive and healthy choice in achieving goals and dreams.

Teaching Methods: story telling, object lessons, video clip and discussion


TV Time-Out

Objective: To help students understand how they are influenced by the media and how to critically analyze and view media.

Key Plays:

  • Examine the difference between media portrayal of sex and reality.
  • Help students calculate and consider media influence in their lives.


Teaching methods: story telling, object lessons, and discussion

Rules of the Game

Objective: To help students realize that setting personal boundaries and guidelines will assist them in abstaining from sex and help them in achieving personal goals and avoiding negative consequences.

Key Plays:

  • Help students understand that rules can be beneficial in sports and in life.
  • Examine possible physical, emotional, mental and social consequences of sexual activity.
  • Assist students in formulating a plan for self-control by setting rules for themselves.


Teaching methods: story telling, object lessons, group game, video clip, and discussion


Avoiding the Penalties

Objective: To help students understand the very serious nature and extent of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in America today and to help students realize that abstinence is the only 100% effective way to prevent STDs.

Key Plays:

  • Help students understand the major STDs and their symptoms.
  • Help students understand the serious nature of the STD epidemic and accurately evaluate the risk of infection among teens.
  • Examine the long-term and life-changing effects of STDs.


Teaching methods: story telling, object lessons, and discussion

Building Your Team

Objective: To help students understand the importance of choosing friends wisely and to assist students in establishing guidelines for healthy dating relationships.

Key Plays:

  • Help students to see how their choice of friends can influence their lives.
  • Introduce the concept of character and define key character qualities.
  • Examine the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships.


Teaching methods: story telling, video clip and discussion


Game Time

Objective: To help students put the principles learned in Game Plan into practice by revisiting their goals and by making a concrete game plan. To help students set personal boundaries and resist peer pressure in order to accomplish their goals.

Key Play:

  • Examine the importance of setting boundaries in dating relationships and help students create a plan for dealing with peer pressure.


Teaching Methods: story telling and discussion.

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