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Excel (Faith-Based)

Excel is designed to help teens think through some of the most important decisions in life. Specifically, it is designed to help teens resist the world's pressure toward sexual activity by drawing near to the Lord and following His plan for their life. Excel is about learning to resist the desire to live for self and choosing instead to live for the glory of God. If you desire this for teens, request an Excel presentation for your youth group or Bible study.

"Excel still more...For this is the will of God, your sanctification; that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality..." 1 Thessalonians 4:1B, 3

The Joseph account is an incredible story of a life well lived. It is a story that occurred thousands of years ago--but is in many ways more relevant today than when it was written. The Word of God is "living and active," and Joseph's story is more beneficial for us today than anything that you can buy at a bookstore. The lessons for your life are clear, and if you will allow the Word of God to teach you and guide you day by day, the results will be of significant benefit to your life, and will have eternal results.

Two-Day Presentation Outline:

Living Life On Purpose

Objectives: To help students recognize that both they and God have dreams for their lives and to introduce the concept of sexual abstinence.


  • Encourage students to consider their life purpose and what God's will is for their lives.
  • Help students to think specifically about their future goals regarding education, career, family and community involvement.
  • Encourage students to consider the benefits of sexual abstinence in accomplishing their future goals, as well as being obedient to God.


Teaching Methods: class involvement and discussion

Never Alone

Objectives: To help students appreciate how unique God made each of them, along with understanding that even when they feel they don’t fit it, they are never alone because God is always with them.


  • Help students understand and appreciate their uniqueness and individuality.
  • Make students aware that God says in His Word that He is always with us.


Teaching Methods: story telling, object lessons, video clip, and discussion


Standing Strong

Objectives: To help students understand the consequences of sexual activity before marriage and through that, help them identify the benefits of sexual abstinence before marriage in relation to their life and relationship with God.


  • Explore how everyone, including Christians, faces pressures and temptations.
  • Give a clear definition of sexual abstinence.
  • Give students facts and information about sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Help students understand that saving sex is the only sure way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Analyze data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention showing that contraceptive products do not eliminate the risk of contracting an STD.
  • Show students how decisions regarding sexual activity may significantly affect their future direction in life. (Teen Pregnancy will be highlighted.)
  • Discuss how their relationship with God is not only the reason to resist, but also gives them the strength to resist.


Teaching Methods: story telling, object lessons, class game, video clip, and discussion


Protecting Your Mind

Objectives: To help students evaluate media messages, primarily in the area of sexual imagery, and to understand the benefits of limiting their exposure to media influence.


  • Help students clearly see how the media uses sexual imagery to attract viewers.
  • Explain some of the practical benefits of breaking free from media influence.
  • Give students a tool to help pre-evaluate different forms of media (music, movies, video games, etc...), through Christ-like standards.


Teaching Methods: story telling, object lessons, and discussion

Waiting On The Lord

Objectives: To assist students in building their character through self control.


  • Help students identify that in life there are consequences when they don’t wait for things.
  • Facilitate an understanding that waiting can be tough and identify celebrities that have chosen to “wait” or be abstinent until marriage because of their relationships with God.
  • Allow students to acknowledge the many benefits of waiting until marriage.


Teaching Methods: story telling, object lessons, video clip, and discussion


Marriage Rocks!

Objectives: To encourage students to trust God’s plan for their future through illuminating biblical marriage.


  • Emphasize to the students that God has a plan for each and every one of their lives.
  • Demonstrate the importance and sanctity of marriage to God through scripture.


Teaching Methods: story telling, object lessons, and discussion

Making A Fresh Start

Objectives: To help students understand that no matter what they do or have done, God will always forgive them and longs to heal all hurting hearts.


  • Assist students in discovering the power of God’s forgiveness through example in the Bible.
  • Encourage students to explore the parable of the Pharisees and the woman caught in adultery.
  • Explain how this story can be a metaphor for Satan trying to condemn believers and how Jesus offers complete and everlasting forgiveness of sins.


Teaching methods: story telling,  object lessons, and discussion

The Big Picture

Objectives: To help students see the bigger picture for their lives.


  • Explain that God sees the grand scheme that He has for the students’ lives and help them understand that His plan is perfect.
  • Explore the revelation that God believes in the students and is always on their side especially when they are living for Him.
  • Help students understand that there are not only benefits now for living for God, but there are also eternal rewards.


Teaching methods: object lessons, video clip, and discussion


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