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Aspire (8th)

To aspire is to dream. It is to believe that tomorrow can be better than today. It is to pursue great goals for your future and to make wise choices that are necessary to get you there. Aspire. Live your life. Be free.

Outline of Two Day Presentation:

Living Life on Purpose

Goal: Clearly assess life direction in light of current decisions and future goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Appreciate the value of having a life plan.
  • Understand that planning now can determine future outcomes.
  • Evaluate a life span timeline regarding where they are, where they have been, and what time lies ahead.
  • Assess the importance of major life decisions relative to current time line of life.
  • Recognize the negative pressures impacting healthy decision making.


Teaching Methods: story telling, skits, object lessons, and discussion

Standing Strong

Goal: Empowerment in resisting negative pressures that would lead to unhealthy choices regarding sexual activity and other risk taking behaviors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the value of having a plan to resist negative pressures.
  • Recognize the interconnectedness of at-risk behaviors.
  • Devise a plan to resist negative pressures.
  • Recognize the possible physical, mental, financial, emotional and social consequences of sexual activity.
  • Consider the core consequences, options, issues and people affected with teen pregnancy.


Teaching Methods: story telling, skits, object lessons, video clip (from Juno), and discussion

Thinking Ahead

Goal: Increase knowledge of STDs transmission, types, symptoms and current rates relative to demographic information.

Learning Objectives:

  • Acknowledge the short and long term effects of sexual activity.
  • Consider media portrayal concerning STDs.
  • Understand the importance of the informed decision of abstinence.
  • Distinguish between viral and non-viral STDs.
  • Acknowledge the impact of STDs according to gender.
  • Demonstrate the difference between risk reduction and risk elimination.
  • Define HIV/AIDS.


Teaching methods: object lessons, discussion and video clips


Protecting Your Mind

Goal: Increase awareness regarding the power of the media to influence decision making, body image, and behavior.

Learning Objectives:

  • Calculate personal daily exposure to media.
  • Understand how sex is used to sell.
  • Identify the dominant values communicated regarding sexual activity and marriage to today's media.
  • Identify how people justify their sexual behavior.
  • Determine ways to protect against unhealthy media messages including internet porn and predators.


Teaching Methods: story telling, skits, object lessons, video clips, and discussion


The Power of Self-Control

Goal: To establish the importance of building strong character resulting in the ability to make healthy decisions

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why good judgment is important.
  • Recognize the effects that drinking and drugs have on judgment.
  • Review the importance of resisting negative peer pressure.


Teaching methods: story telling and discussion

Making a Fresh Start

Goal: To understand that it is never too late to start to make healthy choices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand that past actions do not have to dictate future decisions.
  • Recognize the high incidence of alcohol and sexual violence.
  • Identify justification for sex.
  • Evaluate the impact of past, present and future perspectives of life.


Teaching methods: story telling, object lessons, video clip and discussion

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